Interactive Music Education.

We're changing the way people learn and practice instruments, with daily interactive lessons, gamified music theory instruction, and clear progress tracking.

Lead Guitar Screenshots

Lead Guitar - An Early Prototype

We released Lead Guitar as a proof-of-concept app after one month of development. For now it's simply a scale and chord reference app, but the early prototype is a way to solidify the guitar fretboard logic, and to give early users an opportunity to offer their own opinions about what they want most in a music-education platform. What's Next?

Where We're Headed

We're transitioning Lead Guitar into a more fully-featured music education platform, Semitone. Semitone will allow more instrument choices — guitar, then piano, and more. We've interviewed dozens of musicians, from beginners to professionals, to find out what matters most when learning an instrument.

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Using a repeat-after-me approach, combined with advanced audio processing, we show users what to play, have them play it, and visualize in real time how their playing lines up with the original phrase. These interactive lessons are paired with video tutorials from professional musicians.

  • Repeat-after-me visualizations
  • Traditional curriculum paired with interactive challenges
  • Learn at your own pace

Learning an instrument requires a lot of practice, but that doesn't mean the practice has to be dull. Our lessons combine music theory, practical skills, and popular songs to give members a holistic understanding of their instrument beyond just memorizing notes.

Gamifying practice and daily challenges encourages users to push themselves and engage in friendly competition with other musicians on the platform.

  • A practice-anywhere approach
  • Learn by doing, not rote memorization

Playing in a group is one of the best ways to develop a performance-ready skillset. We're making it easy to connect with other musicians, both online and in-person. Run into a roadblock or plateau when learning? Connect with the community to figure out the best path forward.

  • A community of learners
  • Record yourself playing and get feedback from others
  • Connect with other musicians in your local area

The more experienced players we interviewed said consistency was the most important element for success. Practicing for just a few minutes every day is essential for building up the muscle memory needed to master an instrument.

  • Practice on the go
  • Daily reminders
  • Progress tracking
  • Plateau-breaking excercises
  • Clear pathways to intermediate and advanced levels